Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You see your Gypsy....

On December 1st, I saw one of my faouvrite bands of all time, Fleetwood Mac, play Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne on their Unleashed tour.

This time around, the band did not have an album to promote - a first for them - so this meant two and a half hours of wall-to-wall hits - who could resist?!

This was an amazing moment, seeing a band I have loved since I was about three, courtesy of good ol' Mum. They may all be well into retirement age, but they certinaly haven't lost any of the edge they possessed way back in the Rumours era. The whole band - Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and the Gold Dust Woman herself Stevie Nicks - were in top form, belting out hit after hit, playing for nearly three hours. Mick Fleetwood played and bashed with his usual eccentricity and fire, Lindsey with his guitar-godliness and passion, Stevie with - I just can't fit in enough about Stevie - and John with his always-present precision and grace.

The night was filled with unforgettable moments, my top two being Lindsay's passionate, electrifying performance of my favourite (second only to Seven Wonders) FM song Big Love, and the night's encore, the Christine McVie-penned superhit, Don't Stop. Speaking of Ms McVie, she was absent from this tour after retiring in 1998. The somewhat anonymous keyboardist was still great and provided the needed backing, but did not match the glory of the original FM keyboardist.

My first experience with Fleetwood Mac came when I was about three or four years old, watching the premiere of The Dance on TV. I can still remember being absolutely mesmerised with the Spirit of Troy marching band from the USC, belting out the classic riff-driven tune, Tusk and the unforgettable Don't Stop. As I tap away at the keyboard of my faithful little Toshiba, I am listening to said album.

All in all, this little old-lady-teenager came away buzzing with excitement, her head full of Fleetwood Mac tunes. Oh, how I love my life. ♥

Hope you enjoy some photos from the night, taken by Mother Dearest. :)

Rock on, Gold Dust Woman!


"It's our first show here in Australia, and I can safely say we couldn't be any more THRILLED!"

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