Saturday, January 2, 2010

No, I'm no one's wife, but oh, I love my life, and all that jazz...

2009 was a funny year. In many ways it was the best year of my life and in many ways, it was the worst. Let me take you through the top five moments of my 2009. :)

5. I got my fifteen seconds of fame... in the background of Spicks and Specks.
The night after Best Moment #2, I went to a Spicks and Specks taping at the ABC Studios in Ripponlea, Melbourne. This was a huge amount of fun and getting to see how TV is made is absolutely fascinating. I got to meet the three main stars and some of the guests (even scored free tickets from Reginald D Hunter to one of his shows that night - score!!) And Mother Dearest and I were thrilled to see our mugs in the background of a shot in the final product. WIN.

4. I finished Year 10!

Yes, this might not seem like much of a highlight, but I finished year ten, and high school, in 2009. In Tasmania (cue the two-headed jokes), high school finishes at year 10 and then you are off to college. Oh, and you get a nice, big leavers dinner at the end where you get to dress up and feel like a princess. :)

3. Fleetwood Mac in concert - See Previous post. :)

2. Meeting Judith Lucy at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival
For my 16th birthday, I got four tickets to see Judith Lucy's Not Getting Any Younger at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne. I am a massive Judith Lucy fan and have been hanging out to see her for years. I booked tickets myself a couple of days after they came on sale, and was pretty satisfied with my row-E tickets. 5th row, not too bad. Ba-BOW. Row E was not the fifth row, it was the FRONT.

On the night of April 15th, I dragged my two terrified cousins and my terrified mother along to see the show, clad in a home-made 'I LOVE JUDITH LUCY' t-shirt. Anything to stand out, I thought. At the last minute, I chickened out and put a jacket over it. The second the show started, my cousin preceded to literally rip my jacket off me and keep it for the rest of the show. So I had no choice but to sit there, looking like a bit of an idiot.

When the show started, Judith asked if anyone used the cart/trolleys that old people typically use. My cousin yelled out enthusiastically that I did (I have never touched one in my life) and started pulling at my tshirt. Judith came down, saw my tshirt and pulled me out of the audience, to thundering laughter. Plan worked. She asked me a few questions, I gave a few nervous answers. I sat back down.
Later on in the show, she began the segment, 'Ask A Young Person'. My mum and cousins were making up weird/disgusting/quirky answers to her questions all day, and thank god I didn't have to use any. She turned to me, though, and asked me some fairly harmless questions, such as if I knew who Martina Navratilova (no idea about the spelling of that one) was, to which I nervously said 'no!' to another round of laughter. She refrenced me a couple of times throughout the show, asking me if I knew what things were and if I didn't, explaining them to me. It was a great show!

After the show, my cousin went and mentioned to the stage manager that I wanted to get my tshirt signed. The stage manager obliged, and my cousin, Mum and I went backstage to meet my favourite comedian. She was lovely and signed my tshirt and we grabbed a couple of photos. Truly a dream come true! And the shirt definitely paid for itself!*

*Eight months on, and I still can't figure out whether the t-shirt was the best or most stupid thing I've ever done.

1. Meeting my childhood idol, Gina Riley.

Now THIS was a dream come true. I have idolised Gina Riley since I was eight years old, and hatched many, many childish, silly plans over the years to try and meet her. I loved everything about her; her grace, sense of humour and elegance (ok, this is starting to sound gay), unlike her alter-ego Kim Craig.

In 2008, it was announced Gina had landed the starring role of Matron 'Mama' Morton in the big-budget Melbourne production of Chicago. As soon as tickets came on sale, I booked my seats. I was not going to miss out on meeting her this time.

Just seeing Gina on stage, in the flesh, was a dream come true for this little star-gazer. I was almost in tears when she set foot on the stage. It was an amazing moment.

After the show, I flew down three flights of stairs to get to the stage door. After waiting an hour and seeing all the stars of the show leave, Gina was no where to be seen. I asked a guard, who was locking up for the night, who said she had gone home. Shattered, I gave up and walked back to the hotel.

Not to be outdone, my cousin and I walked down to the theatre the next night. We waited outside for about 45 minutes, et voila....

Sure, I probably freaked her out, blubbering like a drunk loser, but I met her, and that's all I wanted. It was one of the best nights of my life.


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